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Parents Matter in the Workplace


The Cost of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety in Australia report, released November 2019, found that economic costs of $643m are attributable to productivity losses associated with increased workforce exit, absenteeism, presenteeism and carer requirements.

There are both social and economic advantages in creating a workplace where good mental health is valued. Many working parents feel stressed as they try to juggle work and family.

New parents in the workplace are particularly vulnerable. Many expectant and new parents feel overwhelmed, and this can lead to anxiety and depression. Their emotional state can have a significant impact in the workplace as they struggle to concentrate, make decisions, or get things done. If not identified and treated, anxiety and depression can prove costly to employers as it can result in absenteeism, presenteeism, reduced productivity, and lower return to work rates. The good news is that workplaces can take action.

PwC research in 2014 showed a $2.30 average return on investment for every $1 invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace.  A mental health condition could mean 45 hours of absenteeism and 150 hours of presenteeism per employee per year. ² It makes business sense to support new parents in the workplace in order to retain good staff.

Gidget Foundation Australia can support employers to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. Staff feel valued when they feel supported. Managers gain insights and tools to help them feel more confident to support vulnerable staff. Workplaces will increase their social return on investment and that has a positive impact on the bottom line.

Gidget Foundation Australia can support individual workplace needs by:

  • Working collaboratively to tailor-make programs, workshops, or seminars.
  • Providing an Employee Assistance Program with specialised psychologists. Counselling can be arranged in person or via a video call.
  • Providing tools and resources for managers and staff.
  • Providing interesting and informative speakers.

For more information please contact the Gidget Foundation Australia team.