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Gidget Clinicians

Gidget Clinicians

Gidget Foundation Australia is fortunate to have a multidisciplinary team of clinicians, including clinical psychologists, registered psychologists and accredited mental health social workers, specialised in perinatal mental health, supporting our services. We are grateful for their passion and dedication to not only our cause but the emotional wellbeing of our clients.

Jennifer Beard

Sayeeda Ghani

Linda Jays

Lana Sussman

Dr Ingerith Martin

Dr Fiona McGuigan

Dr Sarah Robuck

Russell Drinkwater

Dr Erin Seeto

Dr Katherine Schmidhofer

Natasha Figon

Carla Anderson

Dr Felicity Chandler

Sarah Yassine

Jill McAlister

Helen Qin

Kate Staff

Christine White

Julie Redican

Elizabeth Figliuzzi

Dr Anna-Lisa Camberis

Lettitia Gorgas

Dr Lisa Scott

Rowena Hong

I will miss Gidget Foundation dearly, my colleagues, staff and clients – what an amazing place to work – indeed it has been a privilege to be associated with Gidget Foundation Australia.

I never saw myself leaving Gidget Foundation and if I am back in Sydney I shall certainly be in touch – thank you Michaela for supporting me in my time at Gidget Foundation and in particular Peni and Amelia for your help and support with clients – it honestly is so far the best place I have worked to date.

Tahira Haider

Clinical Psychologist

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