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Gidget Guardians

Gidget Guardians


noun: a person that protects or defends something.

synonyms: protector, defender, preserver, champion, custodian, guard, keeper

A very special accolade is bestowed on those individuals who ‘fly the flag’ for the Gidget Foundation Australia, and have gone above and beyond in supporting its mission.  The following people were awarded this honour for being a guardian of the cause.

Bryanne Barnett
Zarnie Berthold
David Blacker
Jasmine Blacker
Jarrod Bowditch
Libby Bowditch
David Cotton
Jacqui Cotton
Sue Cotton


The Gidget Pin


Lisa Hensley
Stephanie Hughes
Lou Hunter
Betina King
Catherine Knox
Kim Mouret
Karen Platt
Martin Short
Simone Short
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