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The Gidget team had our own special little launch for Women’s Health Week this September!

On our Monday morning Zoom together, we used the ‘Let’s talk’ cards as a prompt to each share something that we pledged to do this Women’s Health Week 2020 to take care of our physical or emotional wellbeing.

As a team of women who work together to take care of parents experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety, we realise the importance of taking care of ourselves too.

We are far from perfect when it comes to self-care, but we are always looking out for each other, and today we shared a variety of personal pledges that you may find some inspiration in too:

– Take a lunch break to eat away from my desk more mindfully

– Let go of perfectionism and embrace ‘good enough’

– Schedule more breaks to spend time with family and friends

– Be more present by using a gratitude journal

– Focus on taking care of my personal grooming as this always makes me feel better and more in control

– Walk more and simply listen to the sounds around me

– Find and enjoy the spaces between all of the work and activity and try not to fill them with something else

– Say yes to playing with my kids when they ask

– Enjoy a new guided meditation at the end of each day to switch off

– Focus on keeping calm when things are hectic around me

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