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Gidget Foundation Australia Clinicians are at the COVID-19 mental health frontline.

Expectant and new parents are more anxious than ever before.
The impact of COVID-19 on their emotional wellbeing is complex and is being felt deeply.

Having the support of our clinical psychologists, registered psychologists and accredited mental health social workers is critical at this incredibly unsettling time.

Our mental health frontline workers are not as ‘visible’ as other COVID-19 frontline health workers. They are the compassionate, experienced, kind faces and voices on our hundreds of telehealth appointments happening nationally.

They are the support that is so important to the expectant and new parents who move closer to recovery from perinatal depression and anxiety with each appointment.

THANK YOU to our COVID-19 mental health frontline workers.
Thank you to each of our Gidget Clinicians, we see you and we appreciate you more than you may know.