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Davina Smith

Davina Smith

Davina is a journalist for the Nine Network, hosting the news on Today Extra, along with the daytime news bulletins. She’s married to Mark, a sergeant in the army. In 2016, their daughter Rose was born. Living in Sydney away from close family and friends made their introduction to parenthood a little isolating and challenging. Then Rose developed reflux and a number of food allergies and intolerances – so sleep quickly evaporated. After struggling for a number of months, Davina was diagnosed with PND.

“I don’t want another Mum to go through what I’ve been through – it’s debilitating and can overshadow the most precious time in your life. I found there were plenty of support services out there to help struggling families, but the wait lists can be long – and sometimes people are so desperate ‘waiting’ isn’t an option. The Gidget Foundation does extraordinary work raising awareness about PND and supporting families in need. They’re saving marriages, children and lives. I’m so humbled to be one of its ambassadors,” she said.

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