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I first become aware of Gidget Foundation Australia when I was invited to the Ladies Lunch in 2016.  In the room of 650 women I felt we all shared a common bond of sisterhood and we identified with the symptoms of PNDA – the agony of loneliness, the horror of silence and the guilt from feelings which couldn’t be controlled.

I was convinced that I had to help. The Gidget Foundation needed active support for its vision and funds to bring the issue to light. In 2017 I used my business Laser Clinics Australia (Bondi Junction) to help the Gidget Foundation’s Ladies’ Lunch: I pledged product and vouchers for the auction to help raise money.  With my partner Babak Moini we also pledged $30,000 for the Foundation’s programs.

It was very comforting to know that our donation was going directly to programs rather than administration fees.  I am thankful to be involved and believe Gidget Foundation Australia is making a significant difference to the lives of those they help.

Rochelle Collis

Last year I saw a Mum of two young children as a patient.

She had a toddler and a newborn and in her words “everything had unravelled”.

She was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, cranky, frustrated, depressed, that she wasn’t coping well, feeling that she “couldn’t remember when she last felt happy” and that she was having “no good days”.

I was very concerned about her – to the point where, (with her permission), I rang her mother to engage a team to support her.

I called Gidget House and was very fortunate to be able to get a cancellation appointment for her the next day.

With wonderful supportive counselling, advice and strategies from her psychologist at Gidget House, regular follow up with myself, a period of medication and great family support she made a rapid improvement and I was delighted to hear her report her improvement – she felt she was coping better, her low mood and anxiety had greatly improved, she was less harsh on herself, she was getting out of the house more to exercise, see friends and go to play group, she felt more connected to the baby and was enjoying motherhood and her kids much more.

I was very grateful to Gidget House for their brilliant and very supportive care of her.

Dr Rebecca Overton

GP, Lindfield

I was introduced to the Gidget Foundation by my obstetrician when I was pregnant with my first child. I was shocked and saddened to hear Gidget’s story. Perinatal anxiety and depression is a cause I had heard little to nothing about and so, when planning my baby shower I decided that I would ask my guests to donate to the Foundation in lieu of gifts. In doing this I was able to do two things, raise money and most importantly raise awareness and get people talking about the mental health of new parents. Most of my guests had never heard of this cause and were very happy to contribute and learn more via a small leaflet I handed out. Many of them continued the conversation with their friends and families. The amount of money I raised wasn’t enormous but the impact of opening up a dialogue on a topic otherwise unspoken about was far-reaching.

Sophie Henderson-Smart

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