PNDA in the Media

PNDA in the Media

 Mum who suffered from post natal depression urges other women to get help as she launches art show – Manly Daily, 11 July 2017

What no one tells new mums and dads about parenthood – SMH, 11 July 2017

Recognising post-natal depression symptoms – “The Morning Show” – Channel 9 27 March 2017

Tammin Sursok: The day I was diagnosed with post-partum anxiety – news.com.au online 16 March 2017

Adele opens up about her postpartum depression – CNN 1 November 2016

Let’s Give a Hand to Mothers with Postnatal Depression – The Huffington Post 22 July 2016

The Bad Day Plan: how to make a bad day a better one – Essential Baby 13 May 2016

Postnatal Depression: Why couldn’t my mother feel my pain? – ABC News 12 March 2016

“Maybe I’m not cut out to do this motherhood thing” – kidspot online 17 November 2015

Kerryn Baird talks about her battle with postnatal depression – The Sydney Morning Herald 16 November 2015

Awareness key for mums at risk of perinatal depression – Daily Telegraph online 16 November 2015

The best cure for perinatal depression is talking about it – kidspot online November 2015

Depression During Pregnancy can be a ‘killer’ – The Huffington Post Australia 7 October 2015

Pregnancy and Depression: ‘It Was Like an Alien Had Invaded Me’ – The Huffington Post Australia 8 October 2015

Women Fill Support Gap – Scone Advocate 25 June 2015

Perinatal depression estimated to cost $535 million a year if left untreated: report – ABC News 3 April 2014

Mums’ Comforter recognised – North Shore Times 26 February 2013

If I’d known then what I know now… – Essential Baby 10 December 2012

A father’s story of watching post natal depression implode his family – Mamamia 22 November 2012

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